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Have you ever wondered how you will know when Angels are speaking to you? Do you recognize the signs and messages Angels have for you?

There is no one way Angels communicate with us. That is what is so incredibly fabulous about working with Angels, Spirit Guides and even your power animals. OK, before I get to far “off track” I just wanted to mention that what is about to be shared with you is not just “Angel specific” it crosses over into all beliefs supporting all truths.

As a reminder, it is essential you ask Angels for their help and guidance, for any messages they have for you. Angels cannot intervene in your life for any reason except if you are in grave danger and it is not yet time for you to transition from this physical realm in to the Realm of Spirit.

How do you ask Angels? It is as easy or complicated as you choose. Simply say, Angels please help me. That is all there is to it. Once you have asked Angels for their help with your current dilemma, asking for a sign or message that you are on the right track for your path, then what?

The key to receiving, understanding and recognizing the answers you seek is to be open. Yes, be willing to open your heart, your ears and your mind to all Angels have for you.

How do you do that? When asking Angels for signs, messages and guidance remember to say something like…”Angels I am asking for a sign / message about (you fill-in the blank), something that I easily recognize and understand.”

Angels are always by your side, always with you, always guiding your every step. I can hear some of your thoughts already…if this is true then how come I can’t hear my Angels or I don’t see any signs. 211 angel number

How do I know if what I think I’m receiving is real and I am not just “making it all up”?

We are the ones who must raise our vibration closer to Angels, to the Realm of Spirit. Angels and Spirit Guides are only able to lower their vibration so much. It is up to each one of us to reach beyond the dense, heavy physical realm energy which tends to weigh us down.

If you are unsure if you are hearing, seeing or sensing your Angels guidance, ask. Yes, ask Angels to “please speak up”. You may ask for validation or clarification regarding the messages or signs you believe you are receiving. What kinds of signs are possible? There is no limit to the kinds of signs or the ways in which Angels are able to share them with you.

Here are a few examples of ways in which signs and messages gifted to you by Angels.
*hearing a song on the radio several times in a short period of time
*seeing the same number sequences over and over again
*speaking to a friend or co-worker and something they say resonates with you in a way that you just “know” you have the answer to your question
*you could be reading a passage in a book or a magazine article and your “answer jumps out at you”
*hearing someone’s name over and over again in the most unlikely ways like when you are channel surfing

Are you willing, truly willing to being open to the limitless ways Angels communicate with you? Sit in the silence, still the chatter in your mind, calm your emotions. Open your heart to all that is before you. If you are willing to be observant, to really listen, you will become consciously aware of your surroundings and you will receive the messages and guidance you request of Angels.


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